Callie S.

on: jan 31, 2018      source:Facebook

"I've received Reiki and the Aroma Touch from Farrah, and every time I come out feeling so much clarity. Thank you Farrah" 

Emilia P.

on: nov 28, 2017      source:SignPost

"Her gentle approach is commendable and beneficial to healing."

Linda M.

on: sept 28, 2017      source:SignPost

"I've had Reiki w/ biomat sessions with Farrah. It's a wonderful experience. I feel so calm and relaxed when I leave - like all of my stress has been lifted."


on: sept 25, 2017      source:thumbtack

"Absolutely! Very helpful and informed in healing techniques. Being a Hyper-Sensitive, I was able to follow her energy/light work flow; as well as feel the great release of negative energy from my body; and incorporation of positive, healing energy. She's proficient in energy/healing and I HIGHLY Farrah Kaiser! Thank you."

Paula M.

on: june 11, 2017      source:SignPost

"Absolutely Wonderful!!!! Thank you!!! :-)"

Mary Kathryn W.

on: may 30, 2017      source:facebook

"Farrah Kaeser is thorough in her work and study and an expert in her field. She makes excellent herbal alternatives! I have enjoyed using her Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Repellant. I really dislike using DEET or other products that put harmful chemicals on my skin (and add them to the environment!). Farrah just worked with me to produce a bulk order of this product since I live in the Deep South and deal with a long mosquito season -- ticks are supposed to be abundant this year around here, too. I have used this product before with great success. I look forward to working and playing outside without having to worry about bug bites -- and smelling divine in the process! This product is my absolute favorite "but spray alternative.""

Jon D.

on: may 4, 2017      source:SignPost

"Farrah is at once professional and magical - I have greatly benefited from working with her!"

Carey M.

on: apr 9, 2017      source:SignPost

“Farrah has beautiful energy and is very knowledgeable about Reiki among many other modalities. She is also very supportive answering questions after the class too. Peace.”

Charlotte K.

on: mar 3, 2017      source:SignPost

"I ordered jars of tea for my friends and family members (and myself) during the holidays. They were ready on time and great care was clearly put into crafting every jar. Every kind of tea I have tried so far has been delicious, with carefully chosen ingredients."

Sally L.

on: feb 6, 2017      source:SignPost

"I love Farrah! She's amazingly professional, intuitive, and uplifts me every time I'm near her. Highly recommend!"

Chelsey A.

on: jan 23, 2017      source:SignPost

"Farrah is very knowledgeable about her practices which gives me confidence in her ability to improve my emotional and physical health."

Krystal R.

on: jan 4, 2017      source:thumbtack

"Farrah is professional, passionate, kind and gentle. She truly cares about her clients and that shows in her client's results. Farrah is an amazing master herbalist, reiki master, and health coach. I highly recommend her!!!"

Jennifer M

on: dec 28, 2016      source:thumbtack

"Farrah is a Gifted healer. She is so Compassionate and Energetic! I had never before had reiki healing done until I went to Farrah. I was very delighted to learn how Relaxed, Welcomed and Light I felt during the session. At the end of the session I felt so much Balance and Clarity that I was able to find a place of grounding in my life within the next few weeks. If you have decided to change your life and are looking for a Compassionate, Kind Hearted, Focused, LightWorker, With affordable prices as well, to help you find Balance, Happiness, and Peace within you I would highly recommend Farrah !!"

Elizabeth W.

on: dec 28, 2016      source:thumbtack

"Great service with a great person. I have had Reiki done with Farrah once every few months and I also use her essential oils which have been amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Austin H.

on: dec 28, 2016      source:thumbtack

"Farrah is a wonderful soul, she truly cares about every patient she sees. I am so thankful the universe brought us together!"

Mary P.

on: nov 3, 2016      source:SignPost

“Farrah is a wonderful person to work with and has spectacular energy and enthusiasm!”

David P.

on: sept 16, 2016      source:SignPost

"Farrah is so wonderful to work with. She makes you comfortable and she provides insightful recommendations."

Linda M.

on: aug 7, 2016      source:SignPost

"Farrah has such a gentle, healing touch. She makes you feel like you're floating in a sea of calm, tranquil clouds. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would recommend her practice to anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed or if you just need some "special time" for yourself."

Taylor W.

on: Jul 21, 2016      source:thumbtack

"So many good things to say, friendly and helpful. Willing to work with you to not only meet your goals but also work with you when life throws you curve balls. You can tell she truly loves what she does and cares for you. Meeting her was like meeting a best friend with awesome skills."

Larilyn G.

on: jul 15, 2016      source:SignPost

"Farrah has much knowledge in natural healing for the body the mind and the soul. I highly recommend using Farrah and her products."


on: june 23, 2016      source:SignPost

"Farrah is a knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner. She is a compassionate listener and blends her years of experience in many healing arts to put together a plan that best suits your issues. She is always continuing her education in wellness and in life."

Taylor W.

on: june 6, 2016      source:facebook

"The energy of the place is very inviting, and Farrah is awesome. Willing to work with any situation and will stop at nothing to make sure you get the care you need. Plus she is super funny and easy to talk to."

Mark R.

on: may 23, 2016      source:SignPost

"Farrah is absolutely exceptional. She brings a great heart and great energy to her work."

Beth C.

on: Feb 15, 2016      source:SignPost

"I ordered 5 teas from Natural Equilibrium, all delicious and heart-warming. Arrived in a very timely manner. I have especially been enjoying the chai blend. Yum yum yum!"

Joel G.

on: Feb 1, 2016      source:SignPost

"Great customer service!"

Debra W.

on: Jan 22, 2016      source:SignPost

"Highly recommend Farrah!"

Reviewer 840

on: Dec 10, 2015      source:SignPost

"Farrah could not have been any nicer or more professional!! I would work with her again in a heartbeat!❤️"

Bonnie V.

on: feb 16, 2014      source:thumbtack

"Farrah's passion for her customers well being is evident in her products and services. (Our family's experience has been with personal consults, custom teas and balms thus far.) With attention to detail, the thoughtful process in which she dedicates herself to your needs, far exceeds others I have encountered. Whether a personal consult, or a custom-made product, Farrah offers up quality ingredients and personal compassion with every service she provides."

Lance F.

on: Jan 29, 2014      source:thumbtack

"This was my first time with Reiki. Farrah is very gifted and I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time. I felt good afterwards, and I will definitely go back for more treatments. Thank you. :-)

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