Reiki Certification Classes

What Are Reiki Certification Classes?

As a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, I offer training and certification in the Usui style of Reiki. from First Degree through Master Teacher. I offer both private and group classes.

How Long Does Each Class Last?

These classes range from 3-4 hours for level 1 to an all-day class (or multiple days, depending on class size) for Master Teacher. 

What Does A Class Include?

Classes include meditations, Reiju, history, practical application (hand placements, symbols, etc), self-Reiki practices, and, for RMT, Reiju guides and business guidelines/materials. All my classes, upon completion, result in the status of Certified Reiki (degree) Practitioner/Master Teacher, and they come with a certificate of completion, books and materials.

How Much Does A Class Cost?

Level 1: Shoden - $150
Level 2: Okuden - $300
Master Teacher: Shinpiden - $500

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