Mental Health



Just shy of 20% of Americans struggle with some variety of mental health disorder. Anxiety disorders (including PTS(D)) are the most common variety, closely followed by Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia, respectively. 

Mental illnesses, or imbalances if you prefer, can be very personal. Rarely do they have any exterior symptoms, making it hard for people to identify or understand. They vary greatly from person to person, making diagnosis and finding an understanding community challenging.

There are medications on the market to aid with all matter of mental health struggles, but they can be very hit-or-miss, and it can take years to find the one(s) that work best for you. The same goes for finding a provider - general practice doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, etc - that is a good "fit." This is the nature of things, unfortunately, but can be extra taxing on those already struggling.

Natural supplementation, therapies, techniques, and other holistic options are not designed to replace the use of prescription medication (though for some individuals, this is a possibility) or consultation with your medical provider. However, many individuals find that natural options can reduce their need for other intervention, help them feel more grounded and comfortable in their own skin, give them coping mechanisms to use on their own, empowering them to live their lives more fully, as well as helping to increase effectiveness of their medications, or counter suboptimal side effects. 


My experience


There are a lot of reasons people do the things they do. For me, my work with chronic pain and mental health, from a holistic standpoint, came out of personal experience; spending years struggling to find something that would ease my struggles, and/or literally anyone who would listen to me, believe me, not judge me, and maybe even try to help! Once I started finding things that worked for me, I wanted to share that, as well as get to be that person who would listen and help others. So here we are.

I have spent my whole life battling Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, in addition to some physical pain maladies. I tried everything from antidepressants, to therapy, to laying on of hands in a charismatic church, and pretty much everything in between. For me, in my situation, I found holistic therapies and healthy coping techniques were some of the big answers to my struggles. I am far more functional now than at any point prior in my life, and I believe many of my past and current clients would tell you the same.

However, it's super important to note that I am not in any way advocating against antidepressants or any other pharmaceutical medication. They are important, and play a huge role to wellness and balance for many individuals! There is absolutely zero med-shaming allowed in my office! I also want to clarify that I have not "cured" myself. I'm much better, am able to live my life more fully, but I am not selling you a cure, nor am I peddling snake oil. Different things work for different people. The key is working with someone you trust to safely find what is the best fit for your unique needs. That's my job. To be here, to answer when you call, to never give up on you, and to never let you go it alone. I also work with you as a whole person, not just your disorder. I'm not here to "treat" anything. My goal is to help restore homeostasis - balance - to your physical, mental,and emotional self so you can feel your best and live your fullest life.


Let's do this thing!

Like I said above, I don't cure people. I don't "treat" people. I work with individuals who experience chronic pain and invisible disabilities to help identify possible causes, triggers, or exacerbating factors, as well as aiding in making lifestyle changes to help you feel better as a whole person. 

I listen to you, and believe you. You won't be rushed in and out of a session with me. I won't tell you "it's all in your head." And I won't ever tell you to stop taking your medications, force supplements, therapies, or dietary changes. I will make recommendations for your specific situation to help aid you in whatever way you need. 

When you're ready, set up a Wellness Consultation. Let's talk about your experience, your symptoms, and what you've been doing already. Let's work together and see if we can't help you feel... well... more like you again!