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Reiki Level Two "Okuden" Certification Class

Reiki Level Two "Okuden" Certification Class

This Reiki 2 "Okuden" Certification Class is for those who wish to continue their Reiki Education and healing journey in the Usui Reiki System as taught by Farrah Kaeser using the texts of Taggart King, and supplemental information created and/or compiled by Farrah.

Reiki level 1 certification in the Usui system is required to take this class. 
This course will teach you about the Reiki symbols, distance Reiki work, more effective ways to work on others, and how to being your own Reiki practice. You will learn all the techniques and skills needed to succeed as a level 2 practitioner.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your certification as a Reiki Second Degree practitioner. As my student, you will also receive email, phone, and in-person support as you progress with your practice. I will always be happy to talk or meet with you to answer all your questions, provide added Reiju, meditations, or other materials so that you feel confident and secure in your practice.

This Class Includes:

  • 3 guided meditations.
  • 3 Reiju Empowerments or "Attunements."
  • The teachings of Usui and how to follow them.
  • Overview of 3 Reiki symbols.
  • In-depth education and utilization of Reiki symbols.
  • Learning to effectively and gently use distance Reiki.
  • Deeper work with Intuition and Intent.
  • How to begin your own Reiki practice.
  • Ample time to practice during class with the assistance of the instructor
  • Email, phone, and in-person assistance with any aspect of your Reiki practice for as long as you may need it.
  • 1 Okuden text book
  • Handouts
  • Audio copies of all meditations on flash drive
  • Digital copies of handouts on flash drive

Upon successful completion of this class:

  • You will receive your Reiki Second Degree certification
  • You will be able to formally practice as a Reiki Practitioner
  • You will have access to the Reiki Master Teacher class
  • You get to take a picture with me and your fellow students to be shown off with great pride on my website, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter! (you can bow out if you so desire)


$300 (10% off if paid in advance)

Registration is required by March 1

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