Chronic Pain



Chronic pain is unfortunately common, and finding someone who both believes you, and is knowledgeable enough to provide assistance can be tough to find. 

For many individuals, the constant round-and-round of brief and often unhelpful doctors visits, new medications, side effects, and back to the doctor is exhausting and disheartening. 

Holistic options can be a valuable resource. While never claiming a cure or "treatment" for conditions, natural therapies can help support the whole person, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Sometimes it can be something as small is helping to reduce the side effects of medications. For other people, natural or integrative options can result in dramatic improvements in overall health. 


My experience


I personally have experienced chronic pain for over 10 years now. At 18 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and have had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome my entire life. Both of these conditions are extremely painful, and I spent several years on a smorgasbord of medications, none o f which brought me any real relief. At my doctors recommendation, I tried some holistic therapies, and saw dramatic improvement. This started me down the path of studying natural health and medicine, and working towards helping others. 

But I want to be clear. Taking medication is not wrong. Seeing your doctor is important. I am not "cured." I walk with a cane, but I also ride a motorcycle. I am in pain, but less pain, and I can still live my life fairly fully. My goal is not to keep you from taking the medications that benefit you, or convince you not to work with your qualified physician. My job is to help you as a whole person, listen to you, believe you, and figure out what we can do, from dietary changes to stress management techniques to supplements to help you feel your best. 


Let's do this thing!

Like I said above, I don't cure people. I don't "treat" people. I work with individuals who experience chronic pain and invisible disabilities to help identify possible causes, triggers, or exacerbating factors, as well as aiding in making lifestyle changes to help you feel better as a whole person. 

I listen to you, and believe you. You won't be rushed in and out of a session with me. I won't tell you "it's all in your head." And I won't ever tell you to stop taking your medications, force supplements, therapies, or dietary changes. I will make recommendations for your specific situation to help aid you in whatever way you need. 

When you're ready, set up a Wellness Consultation. Let's talk about your experience, your symptoms, and what you've been doing already. Let's work together and see if we can't help you feel... well... more like you again!